200 old and sick, 1 donkey, led by a Man with Ogre scrotums, protected by a bird.

The final night before coming up to Granitewood, Rukia receives a message from a unfamiliar voice. The voice says that if she wants the power promised to her, she must sneak out of the camp and head north.

Rukia complies, once out of earshot of the camp, the voice tells her she must pledge her allegiance to the destroyer before she is allowed to go any further. Rukia doesn’t think she can do that without knowing more and declines. The voice angrily responds that she pledge or Die.

Rukia declines again and takes off towards camp. She takes a blast of magic missile to the back as she runs away. All the way back to camp she hears large objects moving through the woods behind her.

Getting back to camp, she raises the alarm. The party readies for battle. Three ogres bust into camp, 2 go after their main target Rukia, the other sees a small undressed human, believing him to an easy target.

Ferrin barely keeps Rukia alive, Rukia constantly shielding herself from the ogre’s onslaught. The wizard reigning down meteors from the woods. Clothar without armor, grapples the ogre and throws him to the ground. Godric comes out of his tree and stabs the ogre repeatedly. Sminch and horo move to Rukia’s aid. In the end the Wizard, formerly known as Darius who was brought back from the grave, was defeated yet again. This time they burn the body. Meanwhile Sminch decides he wants some Ogre Scrotums.

The group rests, travels close to Granite wood and make camp. An uneventful night allows for some restful sleep. the next morning they entire town and see it almost completely destroyed. Buildings are burning everywhere, no one is attempting to put out the fires. The populace are all stunned and in shock. No one appears to be under the age of 60. They find out what little details they can. Finding an old abandoned stables that was unharmed from the attack, they gather people there and Ferrin starts tending to the wounds. Sminch goes on patrol. Horo, Godric, Clothar go hunting for food, and Rukia scouts to the north.

Rukia runs into the enemy scouts but remains undetected. The hunters bring back enough meat and vegetables to make a stew. The group discusses their next moves.
They can’t leave the populace here alone, they can’t take them with them. it would take too long to head back and return.

The group decides to send the survivors off on their own. They create Banners to look like a Twin Cities army, Ferrin gives up his donkey to aid them, Sminch gives the strongest in the crowd his Ogre Balls to wear as a necklace. (If they look crazy maybe no one will fuck with them). Godric convinces a bird to carry a message to Twin City to let them know what is coming and maybe send out aid. He talks another bird into scouting for the group of survivors and to drop a pebble in a basket if it sees any danger, water, or if its all clear.

With the survivors on their way, the adventurers take off to Rennin Falls.



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