Rukia (Child)

Female Dark Elf Sorcerer (Draconic Bloodline)


– Rukia (Child)
– Female
– Dark Elf
– Neutral Evil (Selfish, Purposeful, Self-Preservation)
– Language Elvish
– 5’8
– 33 Years Old (Young, Inexperienced)
– 103lbs
– Sorcerer
– Draconic Bloodline
- Silver/Cold

– Size Medium
– Speed 30 feet
– Darkvision 120 feet
– Drow magic


Rukia was born underground and raised believing only the stong will survive, and to be strong instills purpose in life. Being on raids above ground she has watched and killed families for no reason other then it’s what she was told and brought up knowing. One night her parents left saying they had to participate in a night raid.. Affter that night she never seen them again and they never returned. Being their only child and having no other immediate family she got shuffled amongst the other families with the Drow based on usefullness and necessity; the result of which has left questioning her own purpose and that of the Drow.

Before her parents disappeared, Rukia had prominent abilities as a Sorcerer, which for the Drow was frowned upon and not the norm for females. The little she remembers about her parents was that they were very proud and revelled in becoming stronger not just in themselves, but in her. They accepted her natural abilities and fought to get acceptance saying she would be strong if they allowed her to grow this way. When Moved from family to family when the usefullness of a Sorcerer was needed for raids, with no one to look out for her, she was raped several times, and left emotionally cold. The Drow let her continue Sorcerer practises when attempts to train her in other classes showed her frailty, and when involved on raids exemplified her current Sorcerer power. Though being a Dark Elf you learn to accept being despised by others, its another thing to accept that thinking from your own kind.

Training amongst their own is harder than slaughtering a village; a long scar running down the left side of her neck to the bottom-front of her shoulderblade when she was almost killed from sparring is testament alone. Standing 5’8 at 103lbs, physically she is very fragile, her long white hair and eyes have tints and shades of blue that in contrast to her black skin, when seen in any sunlight make her stick out amongst any crowd. She knows little to nothing about her family, but as she’s grown up to learn the cruelty of the world, she’s also learned that she is strong as a Sorcerer as she struggles to understand and control her power. At 33 Years old she is still considered a kid to the Drow, but she has long lost interest in what her own kind and others think about her now.

She understands her own thirst for power that comes from Lilth, but is not as ignorant as the rest to just ignore what she has heard about the one Drow Drizzet, who left to choose to live a different life. Rukia, like Drizzet, chose to leave the Drow in search of another life, but don’t mistake her choice as being good-hearted like his. She understands the strength she has from her Race, from her unknown Sorcerer Powers, and from her harsh upbringing enough to know that she herself still seeks power… She seeks it selfishly, still without compassion for others, but with a moderate amount of restraint compared to the rest of her Race..

To understand that, she knows that she has to leave the Drow, or risk being recycled within the clans with no one to look out for her but herself. It means abandoning the culture she grew up in, but a culture that she learned she was not safe until she could grow and become not just strong enough against anyone.. but everyone..

Rukia (Child)

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