Erza Scarlet

Female Human Paladin (Chaotic Good)

- Erza Scarlet - Female - Human - Chaotic Good (Good Faith, Bravery, Honor) - Languages : Common, Orcish. - 5’8, Dark Eyes, Scarlet Red Hair. - Branding underneath/above her right eye. (slashings/scarred) - Mark (Helm’s eye, upon a golden gauntlet curled into a fist) - 21 Years Old, 125lbs - Paladin (Oath of Vengeance)

– Size Medium
– 30 Feet


I woke up disorientated with a foul smell in the air. As my eyes slowly open I felt the pain on my face from something. My wrists bruised from being bound in rope, I sit slumped tattered in rags against a splintered wooden post, feeling the hard rough ground beneath me; as a child.. This is my first memory of being alive…

Orcs are wicked creatures. They make you work till you want to fall over, they torture you for fun, and when you bore them or when they feel like it they’ll eat you without a second thought thinking they can gain whatever power you might have left in you. Life seems without purpose when you live as a slave, eventually you welcome death, every day felt so cruel. I watched others die as I tirelessely worked, soon there were not many around as long as me.

Children would still come pouring into the camp, but few were marked like I was. Crude scars, carved from a blade above and below the right eye, you were his.. no other Orc dared to eat you himself unless he willed it. If there ever was time to make friends in such a crude and cruel environment I think I made one. His name was Micah, young like me, marked by the Chief as well, but at least he had memories of a life before this. He was a strong worker like me, which led to foolish beliefs that if you only worked hard you could continue to live as I thought. The only time to talk was when you were supposed to sleep, but I sacrificaed so much to hear his stories of his family, where he came from, to listen to anything that existed outside of this hopeless world. One night he told me how his father would tell him stories of what it meant to be a Paladin, how Micah wanted to be like his father, how when you choose the path you make it for life; not for yourself, but for something bigger. It must have been a great memory, he smiled when he talked about it, and no one ever smiled in this forsaken place regardless where we moved with the Orcs or setup camp. Micah also gave me my name, he would say my long hair was like scarlet, and just started calling me Erza when I refused to pick a name for myself. (Never needing one before)

I don’t know how many years I lived so naivly, thinking I could live this way as long as I could endure the Orcs cruelty, being near Micah, though always noticing the children with the marks grow and then disappear. I wasn’t smart enough to figure it out, but Micah did. The Chief, Gruumsh One-Eye, would make anyone brough in that he thought held power within them, and save them to show or prove their power only to fight and defeat them himself, or offer them to his higher soldiers as a reward. A trophy.. That’s all we were. I didn’t believe it, but the harder I worked every day the more I could notice them watch me.. not to eat.. but to fight. Micah would start talking on nights on how to escape this place, as horrible as it was he could always try to be optimistic. He would talk about leaving together, going back to his home, saying I was strong too and could train with his father. I could never share his dream, I would eventually get tired of hearing about it and tell him to forget it. He would tell me one day I would wake up and able to just run away from it all..

I still remember how warm it was, waking up and seeing fire everywhere. The night was dark but seemed bright with the flames. I reached up to rub my eye, and to my shock I could.. I looked down and my hands were no longer bound to the splintered post I’d grown so accustomed to.. but there was Chaos everywhere. Fires were all on the tents, dead slaves and blood coated the ground. Without thinking I got tried to get up to run but fell back down in shock. Micah.. his head removed from his body as it lay motionless on the ground. “One day Erza, you’ll be able to wake up and just run away from it all.” Did he really start this? Or was it some strange coincidence? Tears ran down my face as I got up and ran as far as I could that night.. That fool.. It didn’t feel like freedom. Every day & night I just ran and ran as far away as I could until I felt like I couldn’t go any further and felt like I collapsed.

I woke up disorientated again.. but this time it was more pleasant. I found out later from them that I was found collapsed and brought back to a settlement called Helm’s Hold from a scouting party. A small place that seemed to always have an air of mystery around it. Over the days of explaining my story I was accepted to stay. I learned more about the area, and myself, and afer several weeks learned about the Order of the Gilded Eye – A group dedicated to vanquishing evil, being “agressive” in their manner while doing so. I trained under the order as a Paladin making my own oaths and training to protect the city and ensure no one was harmed.

The memory of Micah has never left me. I live and train with a purpose now, but under an Oath of Vengeance, to one day face Gruumsh myself, to honor Micah, who took pity on me, and to who I owe a debt I can never repay.. It seems like such a long time thinking back now, but I will never forget what happened. My name is Erza Scarlet, and I’m going to prove I’m worthy of a better life, and I will destroy the Evil in this world, I swear it.

Erza Scarlet

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