You pray one time and all of a sudden you're a Cleric?

With the battle concluded and the Flaming skull deactivated, the party takes a moment to reflect on what has happened. A blinding flash of light is seen inside the grove. The party investigates.

Upon entering the grove, A man with Silver skin is standing there. He greets them. Thanks them for protecting this shrine and confirms it is a old place of worship of the deity Torm. The pictographs in the room below the alter is that of the last war between Torm and Cyric. During the war Cyric caused alot of damage but was loosing. At the conclusion, Torm offered a pact that neither of the two gods would interfere with the Island. The man who identified himself as a messenger for Torm was reluctant to provide any assistance other than some information in fear that he would break the pact on Torm’s behalf and start the war anew.

The party tried to tell the deva that the war has already comenced, but the deva only saw the works of mortals attacking mortals. Feeling the conversation was at an end, the deva walked out of the grove and over to the dead unicorn. With a touch to the horn, the body of the Unicorn returned in full but with a glowing light surrounding it. The deva and unicorn walked off together and faded from existence.

Horo so caught up with this experience, didn’t feel he could continue a life of adventure knowing that this god answered his prayers. He felt the need to stay and protect the grove now that the unicorn was gone. Godric, not a fan of this change in one of his only friends tried to talk him out of it. But Horo wouldn’t budge, he gave his adventuring gear to the party and descended below the alter to study the story once more.

The party now two less than they started decided to act on the information provided by the deva, and went north to lend assistance to whomever there was to help.

Coming across a Paladin and Mage fleeing from a group of Orogs, the party launches themselves into combat once more.

The fight didn’t last long with even numbers as they were but alot of damage was done to the party. Ferrin healed as much as he could and the party introduced themselves to the new arrivals.

After trading stories and realizing they had similar goals, the agreed to travel together for a time.

As the party continued toward Renin Falls, they came upon a scout outpost. They dispatched the Orcs quickly and ran out of the woods and across the fields, coming to the road that would lead them back to the City.



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