Undeath and Death

The noise heard came from a bone Naga, 3 of them. The group quickly dispatches the undead but the sounds of battle alerted others to their presence. Heading back into the hall they see a long stream of Zombies coming their way.

They set yup a funnel in an attempt to quickly kill off the new foe. While killing zombie after zombie, the group starts to tire and mistakes occur. The zombies push in harder and harder, with no end of them in sight. They change tactics and try to retreat.

They move into the next room only to find it trapped. Poisonous gasses starts filling the room, they try to get to the other side only to run into invisible walls. They move to a closer door and down a long hallway.

The next room they come too is filled with gold, treasure and exotic weapons and armor. Two Minotaur sit on thrones at the other end of the room. The group weary of a trap, move through the room, careful not to disturb anything. The chasing zombies weren’t so careful. Having taken the shortest path possible to their target they walk right through the treasure. The disturbance triggers the Minotaur into action.

The party, after ensuring the two sides new monsters are fighting off the zombies, move forward. They trigger a poison trap along the way and find that this hall loops back to where they entered.

They try and take a rest but find that time isn’t passing the same in this place. The rest isn’t restful.

They move from room to room, fighting one Undead after another. They keep bandaging their wounds thankful that at least to be able to stop the blood flow and be able to re-enter the fray.

They come to a Room different than the others, this one has walls and is furnished. A large table with a Map of the island etched in the surface with a magical glow for enhanced detail sits near the middle. Off to the side is a large fountain with water appearing to to spontaneously come into existence from the wall and fall into a standing pool. The shadowy Form known to the party as the Destroyer, hovers over the pool. A Revenant stands guard and an extremely Pale Elf stands behind the table. The elf tells the guard to attack and casts a spell. A heroic effort was made by Clothar to interrupt the spell but unfortunately his attack just went wide.

After destroying the Revenant, the group comes focuses their efforts on the corporeal form of the Destroyer. Any action that is perceived as hostile is answered with a mental attack. The Party attempts to fight through the pain and destroy the fountain, but the pain is too much. They back out and recuperate. They re-enter and as a team attempt to force their will against the Destroyer. The mental attack is somewhat successful. The Destroyer being pushed out of this pocket dimension decides to collapse the entire plane.

The group sensing the destruction around them, see a vortex in the fountain. They decided to take their chances and jump through. They land in a forest with no idea where they are. They rest up for nearly 16 hours and start fresh with a new morning.

The air has the smell of smoke and death. They decide to move east in hopes of finding the Elven City Ferrin, and if they pass it they will come to the coast and find their way back to Hayron. Along their travels they run into multiple pockets of zombies. The zombies are clearly from all sorts of races. Erza decides to make sure all Orc Undead have been decapitated before moving on.

The see signs of civilization, Ferrin starts getting his bearings. They move into the city proper. Every building they come across has been completely destroyed. Moving through more densely grouped Zombies they reach the city center.

The Grand tree, once the center of political power for the Elven city still stands tall but is covered in a black sappy substance. The area around the tree has even more zombies. A single plate mail wearing Humanoid stands in the doorway with his long sword drawn and point down in the dirt.

The party moves in and attacks some zombies, Godrick using his range to fire on the death knight. The death knight attempts to magically command Godrick to engage in melee combat but Godrick is able to resist. As the zombies start to thin, the death knight lobs an orb of destruction at the group, causing huge amounts of damage to all party members. Fridge, unable to dodge out of the way, takes the brunt of the force and false into a critical state. The death knight moves in and rushes Godrick, the battle rages on, Ferrin keeping the party standing doesn’t have a free moment to reach the bear. Corin blasts the knight with a witch bolt forcing the Death knight to pay attention to him, Fridge unfortunately succumbs to his wounds. Godrick, having lost his treasured companion, launches a rage fueled attack against the Death Knight. jumping high in the air, rapier in hand, drives it through the Death knight’s neck. Knowing it is a fatal blow the Death knight looks at Godrick and says “I will return and I will be coming for you”.



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