To Delonshire

After a good nights rest, the party buys some necessary camping gear and takes off down the road towards Delonshire.. It was a nice sunny day and all were in good spirits. On the second day traveling next to the coast, the team sees a large stake in the ground and a rope heading out to the ocean. Looking over the edge of a 30’ drop to the rocky coast, they see an anchored boat about 100’ out. The boat, not flying any particular flag, and with an active crew on deck, was deemed to be an unnecessary distraction. Having agreed to not cut the rope or fire arrows upon the ship the group continues on their way.

Close to the end of the second day’s travel, the group sees 6 human males at a jog coming in their direction. The group having assessed the humans as potentially non threatening, step to the side of the road allowing them to pass. When the humans got within 30’, they drew their weapons.

A hard fight for the tactically unprepared team; Stubby makes a quick retreat after watching his whole team fall. He makes it all the way back to the anchored boat and before falling to exhaustion he cuts the rope watches the angry sailors sail off. . He gets a couple hours sleep before he hears the Humans, dragging his team mates behind them arrive. Pissed that their boat isn’t there waiting for them, they make camp and post a single sentry.

Stubby, stealthily circles the camp and administers healing potions to his unconscious comrades. Launching a surprise attack, the group is able to clean up all but 1 of the still hurt Humans. The final humans, surrounded, submits to questioning. He is asked the usual questions, who are, why are you attacking, where did you come from, who do you work for. The only information obtained was that he was part of the crew of a pirate ship from the main land, they sailed to a dessert as a staging area. The captain gave orders and they followed. The purpose was to cause havoc, when the village formed a resistance they left. They attacked because they thought the party was an easy kill and it would help hide their identity.

Gathering up the weapons and resting for the rest of the night, they head to Delonshire with their captive in tow.



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