There and back again

Arriving in Delonshire after their short rest, they came upon the village in disarray. Part of the palisade is missing, even more is burnt. Various buildings having burnt down, others still standing but having sustained damage. People moving around like zombies having fought hard against the blaze all night.

The party approaches the nearest guard, offer the prisoner up as a member of the group that caused this catastrophe. They are directed to the Red Dog Inn to speak with Dalla about lodgings and information about Rick Sadere.

Dalla knew Rick Sadere well. He stayed there frequently. He was seen talking with some locals about some odd plants near their farm and was asked to come investigate. Dalla provided directions to the farm of the family in question.

The group secured a room and some food for when they returned and headed off to the farm. Coming upon the farm they noticed it was abnormally quiet. No one was around. A quick search of the house and then the barn and they saw some odd tracks heading into the woods.

Following the tracks, Horo stealths in for a closer look to where they lead. He comes upon a group of people tied and gagged. He returns to the group explains what he saw and heads back in to attempt to communicate with the hostages. An arrow lands at his feat and he is splashed with some acid. Horo tries to hide behind a tree from where the arrow appears to have originated. The Tree didn’t like him so close and smacks him. A long battle ensues, 4 awakened tress and a mystery arrow vs the party of 4.

The party was successful in bringing one tree down with fire but couldn’t handle the intensive barrage from the other 3 trees. Horo left the main party to go after where the arrow and subsequent fire bolts are originating from. The remaining party use their greater speed to evade the trees and kite them away from the hostages. Once the hostages were untied, the group makes a strategic retreat back to the farm.

Horo having caught and killed the Mage, found a rune stone and some gold. Rukia searched through the spell components and found nothing overly valuable. Ferrin Beolve inspects the stone and it makes a mental connections to a deep voice asking who he was. He quickly places the stone in a pouch.

Back at the farm, they discovered one of the hostages was Rick Sadere and agreed to escort him home.

They spent the night at the Red Dog Inn. Preparing to leave, they discuss visiting the wizards home for more info. Ferrin Beolve uses Knock to unlock the door, and Rukia uses Mage Hand to open the door. Surprisingly no traps. A quick scout around the house and they find a few books on the arcane arts, mainly defensive spells, and a font full of still water and the same rune etched in the bottom of the bowl. Rukia talks Ferrin Beolve into letting him place the stone into the font. The water begins to boil, the steam rising from the water forms an indistinct shape and the voice returns. While Rukia was engaged in conversation with the voice, Ferrin Beolve knocks the bowl over and spills the water out.

After a lengthy discussion the group agrees to take both the bowl and the stone with them, they close up the house and head back to Twin City. On the way back, Rukia was caught going through Ferrin Beolve‘s belongings. She was looking for the stone. Ferrin Beolve was smart enough to hide it. Rick Sadere was concerned that she was starting to lose her mind and asked for her component pouch. She declined and Ferrin Beolve agreed that wasn’t necessary.

Rick Sadere was escorted home safely.



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