The Almost battle report

Leaving the woods, the party traveled quickly by road. As they neared Renin Falls signs of civilization started to return. Not all buildings were destroyed though they were still abandoned.

Less than a day out, the travelers came upon a fairly large farm with people still about. The group approached and noticed there were soldiers everywhere. They were halted and questioned as to why they were there. The group asking for information were turned away with simply that the city was under martial law and that food was being rationed. Their presence here was not required nor wanted. The travelers moved on.

Arriving at Renin Falls, the group saw a huge second city of refugees outside the walls. Getting close to the gate they saw a long line of people attempting to enter the city though many were being turned away.

Attempting to circumvent the wait, they proceed to the front of the line. The crowd not interested in their reasoning began throwing rocks. Part of the group stopping to discuss with the people their need to enter and part ignoring the rocks and continued on… only to receive more rocks thrown at them.

Accepting their position in line they waited their turn.

When they arrived at the front, the guard refused entry unless on official business or they had paperwork identifying them as allowed entrance. Not having paperwork they requested the audience of Durokin the Cleric from Twin Cities who was supposed to be at the temple. The guard promised to make the attempt at locating Durokin and return the next day.

The party spent the rest of the day at the lake cleaning, fishing and relaxing a bit. They spent the night under Ferrin’s magical tent.

The next morning they were greeted by the guard and Durokin, allowed into the city and followed Durokin to the temple discussing all that transpired since their leaving Twin Cities. Durokin was intrigued by the recently re-discovered temple and expressed his desire to know more. The party looking for infomation as well was advised to discuss the matters with Duwalin the Wizard from Twin Cities. On their way to the college, guided by Corin, they stopped for some supplies, mainly health kits, and sold some unused metal they were toting around.

Arriving at the college, Duwalin wasn’t present. Erza attempted to question a couple of the students of his whereabouts but came off a bit arrogant and insulting. One female student in particular didn’t appreciate her approach. Her constant questioning lead the student to cast a fear spell on her causing her to nearly cry in the middle of the practice area. Erza left the student alone.

When Duwalin finally did arrive the group discussed much of what was going on. Learning that there seemed to multiple factions at play here. The orc raiding party to the west, the Pirates roaming the coastlines and putting into shore and raiding the south / southeast and no one has heard from the Elves in weeks. Any emissaries sent have also been out of communication since.

While discussing that further, Corin brought up his desire to study further into the arts of necromancy. Duwalin explained why that particular school isn’t offered here at the college and would require Corin to travel to the Tower to study further. If he was willing an admissions test would be required. Corin agreed and set up the test for the following day.

Everyone found a place to sleep that night at either a tavern table, barracks cot or library floor. Unfortunately the library floor wasn’t a sage location for Erza. The student had noticed her presence missing for quite sometime went looking for her. With the permission of Corin, she played a nice practical joke by casting a sleep spell, and levitating Erza. Taking Erza to the practice area once again, she cast a stink spell and raised the spell shield so Erza was stuck inside with the smell alone. Waking up to the stench and realizing she was trapped she merely sat there defeated. Corin, once he had stopped laughing dispelled the shield which dispelled the stink cloud and allowed Erza out.

The following day after hearing about the events from Corin, Clothar spent his last 5 gold asking a college student to cast the levitate spell on a board he found. Spent the next 10 minutes “flying” around the college on his hover board. Corin meanwhile took the test, passed with flying colors and was offered the opportunity to train at the tower.

Corin discussed it with the party and decided it would be best that he stay with the group to determine what is going on first. The group having decided to travel tot he elvish lands by way of Duwalin’s dimension door.

Raminus – the professor who administered the test understood the urgency of this quest and agreed that it would be suitable reason to delay the training. Corin requested some personal training from Raminus before they left and Raminus accepted the situation as a reasonable excuse to train outside the rules of the Tower providing Corin with a scroll to study during his travels and Corin submitting to a mental link so Raminus could contact him remotely.

With preparations complete, the group proceeded through the dimension door expecting to arrive in the woods outside the elven city. Instead they have stepped into a dark room with misty shadowy walls, polished black granite floors. Even though there was no light source they could see as if it was well lit. The corridor only 5 feet wide was quite long, had a second corridor off to the left part way down and then ended in a dead end a few feet past that. Erza scouted a bit to the left while Corin studied the reason for a dead end. Locating something different about the wall he started to touch the wall and it dissapeared. Before him is a room with the same floor but with Pillars holding up and non existing ceiling and bones scattered about. Clothar investigates the bones, while Erza hearing something moving moves into the room to discover what it is. . .



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