I feel so much stronger. With these new components I will, wait whats that? ... SHIT.

As the party heads for Renin Falls, the come across an Orc scouting group. The party makes pretty quick work of them and set up camp for the night worried that more may come along.

Rukia, believing she has mastered the ability to cast a new spell she has been working on, goes in search of the proper components. After finding what she needs and heading back to camp, she comes across the feeling of a magical nature. Her Drow sense tell roughly what direction it is in but not what or how far away. Stealthily she moves through the woods towards the feeling. The forest is getting thicker as she goes. She comes across a gruesome scene where two Hellish Hounds are feeding on a fresh corpse. She studies the scene and recognizes the meal as a unicorn. Feeling strong and seeing the odds as only 2 to 1, Rukia blasts the closer hound with a ray for frost hoping to slow the two animals enough to kill them before they get close to her. Unfortunately even cold, these animals move alot faster than she anticipated. Getting off an enhanced magic missile slamming both hounds with magical energy still wasn’t enough to put them down and the two hounds taker her to the ground and feed on her as well.

Meanwhile, back at the camp Ferrin erects a protective dome to ensure their safety for the night. The next morning, they tear down the camp and worry that Rukia hasn’t returned. Horo follows her tracks , they notice that she started moving differently and more cautious. They follow her approach. the arrive seeing her corpse and the unicorn. They attempt to finish what she started. After the initial attack they see a Flaming skull float out of a grove of trees. The Skull unleashes ray after ray of flame upon the group but the adventurers over power the hounds and the floating skull with only minor trouble.

Ferrin attempts to identify the origins of the skull with a ritual. During the ritual the Skull comes back to life and causes a bit more havoc. Out numbered the skull didn’t last long. The group attempts to destroy the skull any way they can think of, smashing it with a rock, pouring water over it, shoving it on the unicorn horn. Nothing appears to work and they prepare for the Skull to revive again. The Skull barely had the time to reactivate before the group beats the life from it again.

They enter the grove of trees looking for more clues, they see the alter in the center and 4 braziers encircling it. Lighting the braziers with a magical source of flame reveals a hidden passage near the alter. they descend below and see it is a room with pictographs on the walls. Examining the pictures they see the story of the island. The island used to be much more lush with life, during a conflict of what appears to be two deities, the island was transformed to its current state. The mountains became larger and wider, a rupture raising the elevation of the northern portion of the island. During the conflict the wizards and the sorcerers battled for arcane supremacy which caused a desert to form in the north west.
The story doesn’t say how the war ended.

Returning outside with the inactive skull, Ferrin studies it and tries to gain a better understanding of what they are dealing with. Believing it to be of a fiendish nature he suggest to the group that we need holy power to destroy it. Having no clerics nearby the party all attempt prayers to a god they think would most likely listen.

Horo believing these to be unnatural prays to any god that will help him rid the world of this abomination. With the help of proximity to the alter, Torm hears his prayer and grants him the blessing needed in the name of order and righteousness.



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