Clothar is looking for a place to sleep

Returning to Twin Cities the party says farewell to Rick and head towards the Empty Flagon. They notice the City is much busier then they remember. Their Room at the Empty Flagon had expired, and the Inn was full of Refugees. They eat a meal and head to the barracks for their report to Captain Ned as promised to Delonshire. On the way they run into Durokin and Duwalin (cleric and wizard who saved them from the white wolves).

Duwalin stated there were wizards missing during the last meeting. Was surprised to hear what happened to Darius and fears that this may happen to others. He looked at the drawing of the rune and didn’t recognize it. he suggested taking it to Renin Falls and asking for a researcher to be assigned to the rune.

Durokin is travelling to Renin Falls for a godsmoot.

Captain Ned has stated that his forces are too thin to send any significant aid to Delonshire. No trade caravans have been moving for weeks. Refugees are poring into the city from all directions. He needs more intelligence from the west and the adventurers agreed to investigate and return.

A night under the stars just outside the city, and a morning of gathering travel provisions. Rukia gets her 3 potions of unknown effect, Clothar a short bow. and they head off towards Granite woods.

During the next night, Rukia is caught rummaging through belongings looking for the rune stone again. Godric, haveing been sleeping in a tree, looks down upn Rukia asking what he thinks he is doing. Rukia tries to explain that he just wants to know where the stone is. He doesn’t want to take it. Godric loses all trust in his companion. Clothar attempts to intimidate the Drow but is unsuccessful. Horo, in a matter of fact tone, tells Rukia that where is from thieves loose their hands when caught stealing. Rukia has been caught twice goring through other peoples things, and if it happens a third time, whether she takes anything or not, she will be losing a hand as well.

Ferrin, tired of playing keep away, gives Rukia the runestone. Rukia, immediately holds it again, speaks with voice and asks for more power. The voice tells her he will grant her the power she seeks, but she will need to travel to him.

On the second night of the journey, Rukia smells smoke in the air. She awakens the camp and they investigate. They come across a burning hand cart, drag marks in the dirt off into the woods. They follow the trail until dawn. They come across 3 ogres cooking a couple of humanoids. The party having realized there is no one to save decide that they will avoid this fight and sneak away.

On the fourth day of travel, of their 5 days to get to Granite wood, they come across and orc scouting party. Attempting to ambush the Orcs, the party settles into the trees. Unfortunately they make a bit too much noise trying to get into position and the Orcs don’t spring the trap exactly as they party expected. The battle ultimately ends with the adventurers victorious though Clothar and Horo were next to death. (Horo passed his 3rd death save after failing 2)

The orcs armor all had the same insignia on it. A icicle shaped shard on top of a circle with arrows pointed out from the center. They make camp early and prepare for the final leg of the journey to Granite woods.



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