Adventure awaits

While the party searches the bodies and takes stock of the supplies (where they find a note), Godrick ventures into the woods to find a companion. He comes across a seemingly lonely bear cub. Using his ranger abilities he bonds with the bear. During the bonding, Godrick feels as though someone is watching. A scan if his surroundings reveal a large white wolf watching him closely. Godrick gives a friendly wave, with no reaction from the wolf. Feeling cautious he and his new companion hightail it back to the encampment. As he informs the group of the wolf’s existence, Horo takes off tracking it immediately. Ferrin and Clothar discuss and determine that going back to town would be prudent. Godrick follows Horo into the woods, attempts to dissuade him from this course of action, Horo is too curious to follow this good advice.

Godrick and Horo track down the white wolf. Horo understands that this type of Wolf, known as a winter wolf, doesn’t belong this far south. The Wolf, having never seen a Mousefolk before, takes a moment and speaks with Godrick. The conversation was a stall tactic as a second wolf moved into position on their left flank. The Rangers, being in their preferred environment recognized something out of place and saw the attack coming. The wolf, having lost the element of surprise was still able to get in close enough to attack with a devastating cold blast hitting both rangers. The first wolf lets off a howl signaling a third wolf that they have entered combat, run in to engage the rangers as well.

Ferrin and Clothar, hearing the howl, go back to their friend’s aid not knowing they were being stalked as well. A long battle between these two forces, Horo falling to wounds early, healed by Ferrin to keep him in the fight as long as possible, one wolf falls to the concentrated tactics of party. Unfortunately the party didn’t have the endurance to keep the battle going as long as the hearty winter wolves, Horo falls again. Godrick doing well from a mounted position, fighting the first wolf also falls to a devastating strike. Ferrin and Clothar are no match for the two remaining wolves, as Clothar falls; Ferrin makes a break for it. Luckily, Dualin and Durokin arrive in search for the party. Dualin using Melf’s minute meteors grabs the wolves’ attention early, ultimately falling to the retaliatory attacks; Durokin finishes the wolves off while Ferrin circles around and stabilizes the rangers.

Durokin heals each member of the party well enough to get them back to town.

Back in Twin City, the party receives a good meal at the Empty Flagon and speaks with Captain Ned about the found note. Godrick takes the opportunity to get wasted. The next morning, the group sells the weapons salvaged from their enemies; Horo speaks with the apothecary about her favor. Her husband is late to return from Delonshire where he was delivering an order for her. Godrick spends the morning making a harness for his new friend to be used in towns so that they don’t start a panic. Ferrin organizes a show at the Empty Flagon for that night in exchange for food and lodging. Captain Ned sends word for the group to see him. The group arrives, receives 40gp a piece as a reward for saving the caravan and updates them on the governor of Masopiqua has been poisoned. The group in conversations around town has found that this Island is riddled with issues. Pirates are raiding all around the Island, not many merchants are making their way into the harbor. The mines operated by the dwarves up north have not been sending out any metal or goods. Godrick can find no proof of his people’s existence.

The Bard’s show goes over extremely well in spite of Godrick drinking a bit before the show started. The group spends the night in merriment. They wake in the morning needing to decide where to go from here.



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