A new begining

Godrick, Horo and Rukia agree to continue their partnership for adventure and board the “Empty Oyster”. The Oyster set out on the 7 day journey to Masopiqua, with a full crew and a small group of passengers. During the long days at sea they got to know Sminch, the Halfling monk. At first they were curious how a Halfling could become a monk but soon realized showing the Halfling any interest at all may have been a mistake. Sminch somewhat bored on the boat, and not having many friends began shadowing the group constantly.

Unfortunately for the Oyster, as Masopiqua comes into view from the crow’s nest, so does another two ships, both flying black flags. The Oyster didn’t have enough supplies to survive on open water for much longer, so turning and running wasn’t a great option, especially since they weren’t the fastest ship on the water to begin with. The captain, in an error of judgment, attempts to turn and come up alongside the ship on his port side, hoping to keep one of the pirate ships between him and the other pirate ship. His hesitancy cost him, for Oyster didn’t get turned fast enough and the Pirate ship ended up smashing into his front starboard side. The impact forces the Oyster to spin a bit in spot; the rapid change in direction causes most of the Oyster crew to stumble. Meanwhile the second pirate ship swings around the other side eventually blocking the Oyster in.

Crew from both pirate ships starts grappling the Oyster and swing from the main sail onto her deck. The off balance crew make a valiant attempt at defending the passengers and cargo but are severely outnumbered. It isn’t long before they succumb and are forced to surrender or be slaughtered.

The pirates know that leaving crew and passengers alive and only taking the cargo would result in a less severe reaction from the port authority at Twin City, so they take what they can find. Godrick and Horo were quick enough to hide the majority of gold from there last adventure but kept a small purse with a few coins easy for the pirates to find when being searched. The decoy worked. In their haste the pirates also missed a small case in the sleeping quarters filled with some of the party’s belonging, including quite a few health pots and Rukia’s spell book. As the Oyster slowly makes its way to Twin City port, damaged and light on crew, the pirates disappear over the horizon.

The adventurers, now with a monk in tow, depart the Empty Oyster with the little belongings they had left and a recommendation from the captain to stay at the Empty Flagon, the party can’t help but think by the naming of the ship and tavern the two may be connected somehow. Low on funds and no prospect of work, they book a room for the week; get a good night’s rest and wake early in the morning for breakfast happy to be eating a good meal for a change.

Horo and Godrick finish their breakfast early and depart in search of the shops to hopefully restock some of their lost equipment. Horo realizes quite quickly that items are a bit overpriced from what he is used to. Godrick doesn’t seem to mind as much and barters the price down a bit.

Meanwhile, Rukia and Sminch taking their time and enjoying their breakfast, over hear a report from a local to what appears to be a member of the city guard, that a trade caravan from the east had been attacked. The guard immediately tells his 2nd officer to find a man named Stubby, and he would locate Clothar.

Sminch without needing to hear anymore takes off through the streets looking for Horo and Godrick. In his excitement for the potential work, and adventure with his new friends, he forgets to tell the guard they would be willing to help, or negotiate a fee for that help. Rukia somewhat distracted in her own thoughts, sees Sminch take off like a crazy person and can’t help but follow, though in hind sight, she doesn’t know why she did that, she should have been happy to be rid of him, if even only for a short time.

Sminch finds Horo and Godrick at the armor smith, Horo looking quite angry and holding his recently purchased weapons, while Godrick is trying on his new armor. Sminch relays the information he overheard, Horo asking questions about the job, like how much it would pay, to which Sminch couldn’t answer. Rukia still somewhat confused at what was going on couldn’t offer any assistance either.

The Group decides that Rukia and Godrick would go offer assistance quickly while Horo tries to acquire some health pots in preparation for the fight.

When Rukia and Godrick arrive back near the tavern, they see a group of 10 getting ready to leave. They offer their assistance and explain that 2 more would be coming shortly. The Captain of the guard sends his rangers ahead to scout and explain that he wouldn’t be able to wait for anyone further, but were glad to have the assistance.

Horo, having acquired a health pot in exchange for the last of his gold and a future favor, arrives with Sminch just as the group starts heading out. Again in their haste, no one remembers to negotiate a fee for their help.

After a bit of travel the newly formed militia come up to the scouts, receive a report of a large goblin force ransacking the trade goods but leaving the civilians alive. Guard Captain issues a quick command to stay in formation, assigning positions to the militia members and move in.

15 goblin grunts and 3 goblin bosses are still on site and start to attack the new arrivals. The fighter line successfully holds the goblins at bay while Rukia lands a deafening blow to the goblin horde. Dropping nearly half the engaged force immediately and leaving others somewhat stunned.

One of the Goblin bosses, realizing they aren’t a match for this type of response, orders the remaining goblins previously assigned to watch the hostages to instead kill them and engage the new force. He blows his horn to signal the attack.

Ferrin, a member of the hostages had been waiting for this command and was ready with a sleep spell, knocking out 4 out of the 5 captors immediately, the 5th goblin, taking a swipe at the closest hostage, is distracted by the fact that his squad falls asleep, misses his attack. Ferrin, taunts the last captor, who responds with a quick attack, underestimating his opponent, Ferrin parries easily and counters killing him.

The horn blast from the goblin boss had recalled some of the departed thieves, 10 more goblins and 2 more bosses arrive to reinforce the ranks.

The militia having thought the battle near completion, had broken ranks and were exposed, the Captain of the guard issuing orders to stay in position, was ignored and the squad of shield men moved to protect the militia’s flanks while volley after volley of arrows were fired into the goblin horde.

Rukia, in a display of indiscriminate power fires off another deafening spell too close to the line of her allies, while she did kill many goblins yet again, this time her attack also hits a shield man quite hard. This unexpected impact forces the fighter to temporarily drop his guard, it was just long enough for 2 of the closest goblins to land devastating strike, and the guard falls. The Captain moves in and protects his fallen ally while the militia cleans up the remaining goblin forces. One goblin attempting to flee is shot in the back and killed before he could get away.

The Captain, seeing the militia force is capable offers the group the choice between escorting the traders to the city and tracking the goblin horde. The militia still in the throes of battle agrees to search for any further threat. Ferrin joins the militia to help recuperate the stolen goods.

Having located the invasion force’s tracks coming from the north, the group decides to take a short rest, eat and then move in. They make it to where the goblin force would have heard the horn blast and double backed. Much of the trade caravan goods are here but were tossed with abandon and not likely salvageable. Horo feeling quite at home in the forest, scouts ahead quietly, comes across a camp, sees more goblins and reports back to the main group. They decided to split up, surround a portion of the camp that the goblins were located.

They ambush the site, dropping the majority of camp before they even knew what hit them. The camps response was also unexpected though, as two saber tooth tigers, pets of the bandit leader pounce out of a tent landing on Horo and Sminch. The bandit leader comes out of the tent and attacks Stubby.

Being severely outnumbered the bandit leader and his two pets fall victim to the constant onslaught of the militia ….



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