Undeath and Death

The noise heard came from a bone Naga, 3 of them. The group quickly dispatches the undead but the sounds of battle alerted others to their presence. Heading back into the hall they see a long stream of Zombies coming their way.

They set yup a funnel in an attempt to quickly kill off the new foe. While killing zombie after zombie, the group starts to tire and mistakes occur. The zombies push in harder and harder, with no end of them in sight. They change tactics and try to retreat.

They move into the next room only to find it trapped. Poisonous gasses starts filling the room, they try to get to the other side only to run into invisible walls. They move to a closer door and down a long hallway.

The next room they come too is filled with gold, treasure and exotic weapons and armor. Two Minotaur sit on thrones at the other end of the room. The group weary of a trap, move through the room, careful not to disturb anything. The chasing zombies weren’t so careful. Having taken the shortest path possible to their target they walk right through the treasure. The disturbance triggers the Minotaur into action.

The party, after ensuring the two sides new monsters are fighting off the zombies, move forward. They trigger a poison trap along the way and find that this hall loops back to where they entered.

They try and take a rest but find that time isn’t passing the same in this place. The rest isn’t restful.

They move from room to room, fighting one Undead after another. They keep bandaging their wounds thankful that at least to be able to stop the blood flow and be able to re-enter the fray.

They come to a Room different than the others, this one has walls and is furnished. A large table with a Map of the island etched in the surface with a magical glow for enhanced detail sits near the middle. Off to the side is a large fountain with water appearing to to spontaneously come into existence from the wall and fall into a standing pool. The shadowy Form known to the party as the Destroyer, hovers over the pool. A Revenant stands guard and an extremely Pale Elf stands behind the table. The elf tells the guard to attack and casts a spell. A heroic effort was made by Clothar to interrupt the spell but unfortunately his attack just went wide.

After destroying the Revenant, the group comes focuses their efforts on the corporeal form of the Destroyer. Any action that is perceived as hostile is answered with a mental attack. The Party attempts to fight through the pain and destroy the fountain, but the pain is too much. They back out and recuperate. They re-enter and as a team attempt to force their will against the Destroyer. The mental attack is somewhat successful. The Destroyer being pushed out of this pocket dimension decides to collapse the entire plane.

The group sensing the destruction around them, see a vortex in the fountain. They decided to take their chances and jump through. They land in a forest with no idea where they are. They rest up for nearly 16 hours and start fresh with a new morning.

The air has the smell of smoke and death. They decide to move east in hopes of finding the Elven City Ferrin, and if they pass it they will come to the coast and find their way back to Hayron. Along their travels they run into multiple pockets of zombies. The zombies are clearly from all sorts of races. Erza decides to make sure all Orc Undead have been decapitated before moving on.

The see signs of civilization, Ferrin starts getting his bearings. They move into the city proper. Every building they come across has been completely destroyed. Moving through more densely grouped Zombies they reach the city center.

The Grand tree, once the center of political power for the Elven city still stands tall but is covered in a black sappy substance. The area around the tree has even more zombies. A single plate mail wearing Humanoid stands in the doorway with his long sword drawn and point down in the dirt.

The party moves in and attacks some zombies, Godrick using his range to fire on the death knight. The death knight attempts to magically command Godrick to engage in melee combat but Godrick is able to resist. As the zombies start to thin, the death knight lobs an orb of destruction at the group, causing huge amounts of damage to all party members. Fridge, unable to dodge out of the way, takes the brunt of the force and false into a critical state. The death knight moves in and rushes Godrick, the battle rages on, Ferrin keeping the party standing doesn’t have a free moment to reach the bear. Corin blasts the knight with a witch bolt forcing the Death knight to pay attention to him, Fridge unfortunately succumbs to his wounds. Godrick, having lost his treasured companion, launches a rage fueled attack against the Death Knight. jumping high in the air, rapier in hand, drives it through the Death knight’s neck. Knowing it is a fatal blow the Death knight looks at Godrick and says “I will return and I will be coming for you”.

The Almost battle report

Leaving the woods, the party traveled quickly by road. As they neared Renin Falls signs of civilization started to return. Not all buildings were destroyed though they were still abandoned.

Less than a day out, the travelers came upon a fairly large farm with people still about. The group approached and noticed there were soldiers everywhere. They were halted and questioned as to why they were there. The group asking for information were turned away with simply that the city was under martial law and that food was being rationed. Their presence here was not required nor wanted. The travelers moved on.

Arriving at Renin Falls, the group saw a huge second city of refugees outside the walls. Getting close to the gate they saw a long line of people attempting to enter the city though many were being turned away.

Attempting to circumvent the wait, they proceed to the front of the line. The crowd not interested in their reasoning began throwing rocks. Part of the group stopping to discuss with the people their need to enter and part ignoring the rocks and continued on… only to receive more rocks thrown at them.

Accepting their position in line they waited their turn.

When they arrived at the front, the guard refused entry unless on official business or they had paperwork identifying them as allowed entrance. Not having paperwork they requested the audience of Durokin the Cleric from Twin Cities who was supposed to be at the temple. The guard promised to make the attempt at locating Durokin and return the next day.

The party spent the rest of the day at the lake cleaning, fishing and relaxing a bit. They spent the night under Ferrin’s magical tent.

The next morning they were greeted by the guard and Durokin, allowed into the city and followed Durokin to the temple discussing all that transpired since their leaving Twin Cities. Durokin was intrigued by the recently re-discovered temple and expressed his desire to know more. The party looking for infomation as well was advised to discuss the matters with Duwalin the Wizard from Twin Cities. On their way to the college, guided by Corin, they stopped for some supplies, mainly health kits, and sold some unused metal they were toting around.

Arriving at the college, Duwalin wasn’t present. Erza attempted to question a couple of the students of his whereabouts but came off a bit arrogant and insulting. One female student in particular didn’t appreciate her approach. Her constant questioning lead the student to cast a fear spell on her causing her to nearly cry in the middle of the practice area. Erza left the student alone.

When Duwalin finally did arrive the group discussed much of what was going on. Learning that there seemed to multiple factions at play here. The orc raiding party to the west, the Pirates roaming the coastlines and putting into shore and raiding the south / southeast and no one has heard from the Elves in weeks. Any emissaries sent have also been out of communication since.

While discussing that further, Corin brought up his desire to study further into the arts of necromancy. Duwalin explained why that particular school isn’t offered here at the college and would require Corin to travel to the Tower to study further. If he was willing an admissions test would be required. Corin agreed and set up the test for the following day.

Everyone found a place to sleep that night at either a tavern table, barracks cot or library floor. Unfortunately the library floor wasn’t a sage location for Erza. The student had noticed her presence missing for quite sometime went looking for her. With the permission of Corin, she played a nice practical joke by casting a sleep spell, and levitating Erza. Taking Erza to the practice area once again, she cast a stink spell and raised the spell shield so Erza was stuck inside with the smell alone. Waking up to the stench and realizing she was trapped she merely sat there defeated. Corin, once he had stopped laughing dispelled the shield which dispelled the stink cloud and allowed Erza out.

The following day after hearing about the events from Corin, Clothar spent his last 5 gold asking a college student to cast the levitate spell on a board he found. Spent the next 10 minutes “flying” around the college on his hover board. Corin meanwhile took the test, passed with flying colors and was offered the opportunity to train at the tower.

Corin discussed it with the party and decided it would be best that he stay with the group to determine what is going on first. The group having decided to travel tot he elvish lands by way of Duwalin’s dimension door.

Raminus – the professor who administered the test understood the urgency of this quest and agreed that it would be suitable reason to delay the training. Corin requested some personal training from Raminus before they left and Raminus accepted the situation as a reasonable excuse to train outside the rules of the Tower providing Corin with a scroll to study during his travels and Corin submitting to a mental link so Raminus could contact him remotely.

With preparations complete, the group proceeded through the dimension door expecting to arrive in the woods outside the elven city. Instead they have stepped into a dark room with misty shadowy walls, polished black granite floors. Even though there was no light source they could see as if it was well lit. The corridor only 5 feet wide was quite long, had a second corridor off to the left part way down and then ended in a dead end a few feet past that. Erza scouted a bit to the left while Corin studied the reason for a dead end. Locating something different about the wall he started to touch the wall and it dissapeared. Before him is a room with the same floor but with Pillars holding up and non existing ceiling and bones scattered about. Clothar investigates the bones, while Erza hearing something moving moves into the room to discover what it is. . .

You pray one time and all of a sudden you're a Cleric?

With the battle concluded and the Flaming skull deactivated, the party takes a moment to reflect on what has happened. A blinding flash of light is seen inside the grove. The party investigates.

Upon entering the grove, A man with Silver skin is standing there. He greets them. Thanks them for protecting this shrine and confirms it is a old place of worship of the deity Torm. The pictographs in the room below the alter is that of the last war between Torm and Cyric. During the war Cyric caused alot of damage but was loosing. At the conclusion, Torm offered a pact that neither of the two gods would interfere with the Island. The man who identified himself as a messenger for Torm was reluctant to provide any assistance other than some information in fear that he would break the pact on Torm’s behalf and start the war anew.

The party tried to tell the deva that the war has already comenced, but the deva only saw the works of mortals attacking mortals. Feeling the conversation was at an end, the deva walked out of the grove and over to the dead unicorn. With a touch to the horn, the body of the Unicorn returned in full but with a glowing light surrounding it. The deva and unicorn walked off together and faded from existence.

Horo so caught up with this experience, didn’t feel he could continue a life of adventure knowing that this god answered his prayers. He felt the need to stay and protect the grove now that the unicorn was gone. Godric, not a fan of this change in one of his only friends tried to talk him out of it. But Horo wouldn’t budge, he gave his adventuring gear to the party and descended below the alter to study the story once more.

The party now two less than they started decided to act on the information provided by the deva, and went north to lend assistance to whomever there was to help.

Coming across a Paladin and Mage fleeing from a group of Orogs, the party launches themselves into combat once more.

The fight didn’t last long with even numbers as they were but alot of damage was done to the party. Ferrin healed as much as he could and the party introduced themselves to the new arrivals.

After trading stories and realizing they had similar goals, the agreed to travel together for a time.

As the party continued toward Renin Falls, they came upon a scout outpost. They dispatched the Orcs quickly and ran out of the woods and across the fields, coming to the road that would lead them back to the City.

I feel so much stronger. With these new components I will, wait whats that? ... SHIT.

As the party heads for Renin Falls, the come across an Orc scouting group. The party makes pretty quick work of them and set up camp for the night worried that more may come along.

Rukia, believing she has mastered the ability to cast a new spell she has been working on, goes in search of the proper components. After finding what she needs and heading back to camp, she comes across the feeling of a magical nature. Her Drow sense tell roughly what direction it is in but not what or how far away. Stealthily she moves through the woods towards the feeling. The forest is getting thicker as she goes. She comes across a gruesome scene where two Hellish Hounds are feeding on a fresh corpse. She studies the scene and recognizes the meal as a unicorn. Feeling strong and seeing the odds as only 2 to 1, Rukia blasts the closer hound with a ray for frost hoping to slow the two animals enough to kill them before they get close to her. Unfortunately even cold, these animals move alot faster than she anticipated. Getting off an enhanced magic missile slamming both hounds with magical energy still wasn’t enough to put them down and the two hounds taker her to the ground and feed on her as well.

Meanwhile, back at the camp Ferrin erects a protective dome to ensure their safety for the night. The next morning, they tear down the camp and worry that Rukia hasn’t returned. Horo follows her tracks , they notice that she started moving differently and more cautious. They follow her approach. the arrive seeing her corpse and the unicorn. They attempt to finish what she started. After the initial attack they see a Flaming skull float out of a grove of trees. The Skull unleashes ray after ray of flame upon the group but the adventurers over power the hounds and the floating skull with only minor trouble.

Ferrin attempts to identify the origins of the skull with a ritual. During the ritual the Skull comes back to life and causes a bit more havoc. Out numbered the skull didn’t last long. The group attempts to destroy the skull any way they can think of, smashing it with a rock, pouring water over it, shoving it on the unicorn horn. Nothing appears to work and they prepare for the Skull to revive again. The Skull barely had the time to reactivate before the group beats the life from it again.

They enter the grove of trees looking for more clues, they see the alter in the center and 4 braziers encircling it. Lighting the braziers with a magical source of flame reveals a hidden passage near the alter. they descend below and see it is a room with pictographs on the walls. Examining the pictures they see the story of the island. The island used to be much more lush with life, during a conflict of what appears to be two deities, the island was transformed to its current state. The mountains became larger and wider, a rupture raising the elevation of the northern portion of the island. During the conflict the wizards and the sorcerers battled for arcane supremacy which caused a desert to form in the north west.
The story doesn’t say how the war ended.

Returning outside with the inactive skull, Ferrin studies it and tries to gain a better understanding of what they are dealing with. Believing it to be of a fiendish nature he suggest to the group that we need holy power to destroy it. Having no clerics nearby the party all attempt prayers to a god they think would most likely listen.

Horo believing these to be unnatural prays to any god that will help him rid the world of this abomination. With the help of proximity to the alter, Torm hears his prayer and grants him the blessing needed in the name of order and righteousness.

200 old and sick, 1 donkey, led by a Man with Ogre scrotums, protected by a bird.

The final night before coming up to Granitewood, Rukia receives a message from a unfamiliar voice. The voice says that if she wants the power promised to her, she must sneak out of the camp and head north.

Rukia complies, once out of earshot of the camp, the voice tells her she must pledge her allegiance to the destroyer before she is allowed to go any further. Rukia doesn’t think she can do that without knowing more and declines. The voice angrily responds that she pledge or Die.

Rukia declines again and takes off towards camp. She takes a blast of magic missile to the back as she runs away. All the way back to camp she hears large objects moving through the woods behind her.

Getting back to camp, she raises the alarm. The party readies for battle. Three ogres bust into camp, 2 go after their main target Rukia, the other sees a small undressed human, believing him to an easy target.

Ferrin barely keeps Rukia alive, Rukia constantly shielding herself from the ogre’s onslaught. The wizard reigning down meteors from the woods. Clothar without armor, grapples the ogre and throws him to the ground. Godric comes out of his tree and stabs the ogre repeatedly. Sminch and horo move to Rukia’s aid. In the end the Wizard, formerly known as Darius who was brought back from the grave, was defeated yet again. This time they burn the body. Meanwhile Sminch decides he wants some Ogre Scrotums.

The group rests, travels close to Granite wood and make camp. An uneventful night allows for some restful sleep. the next morning they entire town and see it almost completely destroyed. Buildings are burning everywhere, no one is attempting to put out the fires. The populace are all stunned and in shock. No one appears to be under the age of 60. They find out what little details they can. Finding an old abandoned stables that was unharmed from the attack, they gather people there and Ferrin starts tending to the wounds. Sminch goes on patrol. Horo, Godric, Clothar go hunting for food, and Rukia scouts to the north.

Rukia runs into the enemy scouts but remains undetected. The hunters bring back enough meat and vegetables to make a stew. The group discusses their next moves.
They can’t leave the populace here alone, they can’t take them with them. it would take too long to head back and return.

The group decides to send the survivors off on their own. They create Banners to look like a Twin Cities army, Ferrin gives up his donkey to aid them, Sminch gives the strongest in the crowd his Ogre Balls to wear as a necklace. (If they look crazy maybe no one will fuck with them). Godric convinces a bird to carry a message to Twin City to let them know what is coming and maybe send out aid. He talks another bird into scouting for the group of survivors and to drop a pebble in a basket if it sees any danger, water, or if its all clear.

With the survivors on their way, the adventurers take off to Rennin Falls.

Clothar is looking for a place to sleep

Returning to Twin Cities the party says farewell to Rick and head towards the Empty Flagon. They notice the City is much busier then they remember. Their Room at the Empty Flagon had expired, and the Inn was full of Refugees. They eat a meal and head to the barracks for their report to Captain Ned as promised to Delonshire. On the way they run into Durokin and Duwalin (cleric and wizard who saved them from the white wolves).

Duwalin stated there were wizards missing during the last meeting. Was surprised to hear what happened to Darius and fears that this may happen to others. He looked at the drawing of the rune and didn’t recognize it. he suggested taking it to Renin Falls and asking for a researcher to be assigned to the rune.

Durokin is travelling to Renin Falls for a godsmoot.

Captain Ned has stated that his forces are too thin to send any significant aid to Delonshire. No trade caravans have been moving for weeks. Refugees are poring into the city from all directions. He needs more intelligence from the west and the adventurers agreed to investigate and return.

A night under the stars just outside the city, and a morning of gathering travel provisions. Rukia gets her 3 potions of unknown effect, Clothar a short bow. and they head off towards Granite woods.

During the next night, Rukia is caught rummaging through belongings looking for the rune stone again. Godric, haveing been sleeping in a tree, looks down upn Rukia asking what he thinks he is doing. Rukia tries to explain that he just wants to know where the stone is. He doesn’t want to take it. Godric loses all trust in his companion. Clothar attempts to intimidate the Drow but is unsuccessful. Horo, in a matter of fact tone, tells Rukia that where is from thieves loose their hands when caught stealing. Rukia has been caught twice goring through other peoples things, and if it happens a third time, whether she takes anything or not, she will be losing a hand as well.

Ferrin, tired of playing keep away, gives Rukia the runestone. Rukia, immediately holds it again, speaks with voice and asks for more power. The voice tells her he will grant her the power she seeks, but she will need to travel to him.

On the second night of the journey, Rukia smells smoke in the air. She awakens the camp and they investigate. They come across a burning hand cart, drag marks in the dirt off into the woods. They follow the trail until dawn. They come across 3 ogres cooking a couple of humanoids. The party having realized there is no one to save decide that they will avoid this fight and sneak away.

On the fourth day of travel, of their 5 days to get to Granite wood, they come across and orc scouting party. Attempting to ambush the Orcs, the party settles into the trees. Unfortunately they make a bit too much noise trying to get into position and the Orcs don’t spring the trap exactly as they party expected. The battle ultimately ends with the adventurers victorious though Clothar and Horo were next to death. (Horo passed his 3rd death save after failing 2)

The orcs armor all had the same insignia on it. A icicle shaped shard on top of a circle with arrows pointed out from the center. They make camp early and prepare for the final leg of the journey to Granite woods.

There and back again

Arriving in Delonshire after their short rest, they came upon the village in disarray. Part of the palisade is missing, even more is burnt. Various buildings having burnt down, others still standing but having sustained damage. People moving around like zombies having fought hard against the blaze all night.

The party approaches the nearest guard, offer the prisoner up as a member of the group that caused this catastrophe. They are directed to the Red Dog Inn to speak with Dalla about lodgings and information about Rick Sadere.

Dalla knew Rick Sadere well. He stayed there frequently. He was seen talking with some locals about some odd plants near their farm and was asked to come investigate. Dalla provided directions to the farm of the family in question.

The group secured a room and some food for when they returned and headed off to the farm. Coming upon the farm they noticed it was abnormally quiet. No one was around. A quick search of the house and then the barn and they saw some odd tracks heading into the woods.

Following the tracks, Horo stealths in for a closer look to where they lead. He comes upon a group of people tied and gagged. He returns to the group explains what he saw and heads back in to attempt to communicate with the hostages. An arrow lands at his feat and he is splashed with some acid. Horo tries to hide behind a tree from where the arrow appears to have originated. The Tree didn’t like him so close and smacks him. A long battle ensues, 4 awakened tress and a mystery arrow vs the party of 4.

The party was successful in bringing one tree down with fire but couldn’t handle the intensive barrage from the other 3 trees. Horo left the main party to go after where the arrow and subsequent fire bolts are originating from. The remaining party use their greater speed to evade the trees and kite them away from the hostages. Once the hostages were untied, the group makes a strategic retreat back to the farm.

Horo having caught and killed the Mage, found a rune stone and some gold. Rukia searched through the spell components and found nothing overly valuable. Ferrin Beolve inspects the stone and it makes a mental connections to a deep voice asking who he was. He quickly places the stone in a pouch.

Back at the farm, they discovered one of the hostages was Rick Sadere and agreed to escort him home.

They spent the night at the Red Dog Inn. Preparing to leave, they discuss visiting the wizards home for more info. Ferrin Beolve uses Knock to unlock the door, and Rukia uses Mage Hand to open the door. Surprisingly no traps. A quick scout around the house and they find a few books on the arcane arts, mainly defensive spells, and a font full of still water and the same rune etched in the bottom of the bowl. Rukia talks Ferrin Beolve into letting him place the stone into the font. The water begins to boil, the steam rising from the water forms an indistinct shape and the voice returns. While Rukia was engaged in conversation with the voice, Ferrin Beolve knocks the bowl over and spills the water out.

After a lengthy discussion the group agrees to take both the bowl and the stone with them, they close up the house and head back to Twin City. On the way back, Rukia was caught going through Ferrin Beolve‘s belongings. She was looking for the stone. Ferrin Beolve was smart enough to hide it. Rick Sadere was concerned that she was starting to lose her mind and asked for her component pouch. She declined and Ferrin Beolve agreed that wasn’t necessary.

Rick Sadere was escorted home safely.

To Delonshire

After a good nights rest, the party buys some necessary camping gear and takes off down the road towards Delonshire.. It was a nice sunny day and all were in good spirits. On the second day traveling next to the coast, the team sees a large stake in the ground and a rope heading out to the ocean. Looking over the edge of a 30’ drop to the rocky coast, they see an anchored boat about 100’ out. The boat, not flying any particular flag, and with an active crew on deck, was deemed to be an unnecessary distraction. Having agreed to not cut the rope or fire arrows upon the ship the group continues on their way.

Close to the end of the second day’s travel, the group sees 6 human males at a jog coming in their direction. The group having assessed the humans as potentially non threatening, step to the side of the road allowing them to pass. When the humans got within 30’, they drew their weapons.

A hard fight for the tactically unprepared team; Stubby makes a quick retreat after watching his whole team fall. He makes it all the way back to the anchored boat and before falling to exhaustion he cuts the rope watches the angry sailors sail off. . He gets a couple hours sleep before he hears the Humans, dragging his team mates behind them arrive. Pissed that their boat isn’t there waiting for them, they make camp and post a single sentry.

Stubby, stealthily circles the camp and administers healing potions to his unconscious comrades. Launching a surprise attack, the group is able to clean up all but 1 of the still hurt Humans. The final humans, surrounded, submits to questioning. He is asked the usual questions, who are, why are you attacking, where did you come from, who do you work for. The only information obtained was that he was part of the crew of a pirate ship from the main land, they sailed to a dessert as a staging area. The captain gave orders and they followed. The purpose was to cause havoc, when the village formed a resistance they left. They attacked because they thought the party was an easy kill and it would help hide their identity.

Gathering up the weapons and resting for the rest of the night, they head to Delonshire with their captive in tow.

Adventure awaits

While the party searches the bodies and takes stock of the supplies (where they find a note), Godrick ventures into the woods to find a companion. He comes across a seemingly lonely bear cub. Using his ranger abilities he bonds with the bear. During the bonding, Godrick feels as though someone is watching. A scan if his surroundings reveal a large white wolf watching him closely. Godrick gives a friendly wave, with no reaction from the wolf. Feeling cautious he and his new companion hightail it back to the encampment. As he informs the group of the wolf’s existence, Horo takes off tracking it immediately. Ferrin and Clothar discuss and determine that going back to town would be prudent. Godrick follows Horo into the woods, attempts to dissuade him from this course of action, Horo is too curious to follow this good advice.

Godrick and Horo track down the white wolf. Horo understands that this type of Wolf, known as a winter wolf, doesn’t belong this far south. The Wolf, having never seen a Mousefolk before, takes a moment and speaks with Godrick. The conversation was a stall tactic as a second wolf moved into position on their left flank. The Rangers, being in their preferred environment recognized something out of place and saw the attack coming. The wolf, having lost the element of surprise was still able to get in close enough to attack with a devastating cold blast hitting both rangers. The first wolf lets off a howl signaling a third wolf that they have entered combat, run in to engage the rangers as well.

Ferrin and Clothar, hearing the howl, go back to their friend’s aid not knowing they were being stalked as well. A long battle between these two forces, Horo falling to wounds early, healed by Ferrin to keep him in the fight as long as possible, one wolf falls to the concentrated tactics of party. Unfortunately the party didn’t have the endurance to keep the battle going as long as the hearty winter wolves, Horo falls again. Godrick doing well from a mounted position, fighting the first wolf also falls to a devastating strike. Ferrin and Clothar are no match for the two remaining wolves, as Clothar falls; Ferrin makes a break for it. Luckily, Dualin and Durokin arrive in search for the party. Dualin using Melf’s minute meteors grabs the wolves’ attention early, ultimately falling to the retaliatory attacks; Durokin finishes the wolves off while Ferrin circles around and stabilizes the rangers.

Durokin heals each member of the party well enough to get them back to town.

Back in Twin City, the party receives a good meal at the Empty Flagon and speaks with Captain Ned about the found note. Godrick takes the opportunity to get wasted. The next morning, the group sells the weapons salvaged from their enemies; Horo speaks with the apothecary about her favor. Her husband is late to return from Delonshire where he was delivering an order for her. Godrick spends the morning making a harness for his new friend to be used in towns so that they don’t start a panic. Ferrin organizes a show at the Empty Flagon for that night in exchange for food and lodging. Captain Ned sends word for the group to see him. The group arrives, receives 40gp a piece as a reward for saving the caravan and updates them on the governor of Masopiqua has been poisoned. The group in conversations around town has found that this Island is riddled with issues. Pirates are raiding all around the Island, not many merchants are making their way into the harbor. The mines operated by the dwarves up north have not been sending out any metal or goods. Godrick can find no proof of his people’s existence.

The Bard’s show goes over extremely well in spite of Godrick drinking a bit before the show started. The group spends the night in merriment. They wake in the morning needing to decide where to go from here.

A new begining

Godrick, Horo and Rukia agree to continue their partnership for adventure and board the “Empty Oyster”. The Oyster set out on the 7 day journey to Masopiqua, with a full crew and a small group of passengers. During the long days at sea they got to know Sminch, the Halfling monk. At first they were curious how a Halfling could become a monk but soon realized showing the Halfling any interest at all may have been a mistake. Sminch somewhat bored on the boat, and not having many friends began shadowing the group constantly.

Unfortunately for the Oyster, as Masopiqua comes into view from the crow’s nest, so does another two ships, both flying black flags. The Oyster didn’t have enough supplies to survive on open water for much longer, so turning and running wasn’t a great option, especially since they weren’t the fastest ship on the water to begin with. The captain, in an error of judgment, attempts to turn and come up alongside the ship on his port side, hoping to keep one of the pirate ships between him and the other pirate ship. His hesitancy cost him, for Oyster didn’t get turned fast enough and the Pirate ship ended up smashing into his front starboard side. The impact forces the Oyster to spin a bit in spot; the rapid change in direction causes most of the Oyster crew to stumble. Meanwhile the second pirate ship swings around the other side eventually blocking the Oyster in.

Crew from both pirate ships starts grappling the Oyster and swing from the main sail onto her deck. The off balance crew make a valiant attempt at defending the passengers and cargo but are severely outnumbered. It isn’t long before they succumb and are forced to surrender or be slaughtered.

The pirates know that leaving crew and passengers alive and only taking the cargo would result in a less severe reaction from the port authority at Twin City, so they take what they can find. Godrick and Horo were quick enough to hide the majority of gold from there last adventure but kept a small purse with a few coins easy for the pirates to find when being searched. The decoy worked. In their haste the pirates also missed a small case in the sleeping quarters filled with some of the party’s belonging, including quite a few health pots and Rukia’s spell book. As the Oyster slowly makes its way to Twin City port, damaged and light on crew, the pirates disappear over the horizon.

The adventurers, now with a monk in tow, depart the Empty Oyster with the little belongings they had left and a recommendation from the captain to stay at the Empty Flagon, the party can’t help but think by the naming of the ship and tavern the two may be connected somehow. Low on funds and no prospect of work, they book a room for the week; get a good night’s rest and wake early in the morning for breakfast happy to be eating a good meal for a change.

Horo and Godrick finish their breakfast early and depart in search of the shops to hopefully restock some of their lost equipment. Horo realizes quite quickly that items are a bit overpriced from what he is used to. Godrick doesn’t seem to mind as much and barters the price down a bit.

Meanwhile, Rukia and Sminch taking their time and enjoying their breakfast, over hear a report from a local to what appears to be a member of the city guard, that a trade caravan from the east had been attacked. The guard immediately tells his 2nd officer to find a man named Stubby, and he would locate Clothar.

Sminch without needing to hear anymore takes off through the streets looking for Horo and Godrick. In his excitement for the potential work, and adventure with his new friends, he forgets to tell the guard they would be willing to help, or negotiate a fee for that help. Rukia somewhat distracted in her own thoughts, sees Sminch take off like a crazy person and can’t help but follow, though in hind sight, she doesn’t know why she did that, she should have been happy to be rid of him, if even only for a short time.

Sminch finds Horo and Godrick at the armor smith, Horo looking quite angry and holding his recently purchased weapons, while Godrick is trying on his new armor. Sminch relays the information he overheard, Horo asking questions about the job, like how much it would pay, to which Sminch couldn’t answer. Rukia still somewhat confused at what was going on couldn’t offer any assistance either.

The Group decides that Rukia and Godrick would go offer assistance quickly while Horo tries to acquire some health pots in preparation for the fight.

When Rukia and Godrick arrive back near the tavern, they see a group of 10 getting ready to leave. They offer their assistance and explain that 2 more would be coming shortly. The Captain of the guard sends his rangers ahead to scout and explain that he wouldn’t be able to wait for anyone further, but were glad to have the assistance.

Horo, having acquired a health pot in exchange for the last of his gold and a future favor, arrives with Sminch just as the group starts heading out. Again in their haste, no one remembers to negotiate a fee for their help.

After a bit of travel the newly formed militia come up to the scouts, receive a report of a large goblin force ransacking the trade goods but leaving the civilians alive. Guard Captain issues a quick command to stay in formation, assigning positions to the militia members and move in.

15 goblin grunts and 3 goblin bosses are still on site and start to attack the new arrivals. The fighter line successfully holds the goblins at bay while Rukia lands a deafening blow to the goblin horde. Dropping nearly half the engaged force immediately and leaving others somewhat stunned.

One of the Goblin bosses, realizing they aren’t a match for this type of response, orders the remaining goblins previously assigned to watch the hostages to instead kill them and engage the new force. He blows his horn to signal the attack.

Ferrin, a member of the hostages had been waiting for this command and was ready with a sleep spell, knocking out 4 out of the 5 captors immediately, the 5th goblin, taking a swipe at the closest hostage, is distracted by the fact that his squad falls asleep, misses his attack. Ferrin, taunts the last captor, who responds with a quick attack, underestimating his opponent, Ferrin parries easily and counters killing him.

The horn blast from the goblin boss had recalled some of the departed thieves, 10 more goblins and 2 more bosses arrive to reinforce the ranks.

The militia having thought the battle near completion, had broken ranks and were exposed, the Captain of the guard issuing orders to stay in position, was ignored and the squad of shield men moved to protect the militia’s flanks while volley after volley of arrows were fired into the goblin horde.

Rukia, in a display of indiscriminate power fires off another deafening spell too close to the line of her allies, while she did kill many goblins yet again, this time her attack also hits a shield man quite hard. This unexpected impact forces the fighter to temporarily drop his guard, it was just long enough for 2 of the closest goblins to land devastating strike, and the guard falls. The Captain moves in and protects his fallen ally while the militia cleans up the remaining goblin forces. One goblin attempting to flee is shot in the back and killed before he could get away.

The Captain, seeing the militia force is capable offers the group the choice between escorting the traders to the city and tracking the goblin horde. The militia still in the throes of battle agrees to search for any further threat. Ferrin joins the militia to help recuperate the stolen goods.

Having located the invasion force’s tracks coming from the north, the group decides to take a short rest, eat and then move in. They make it to where the goblin force would have heard the horn blast and double backed. Much of the trade caravan goods are here but were tossed with abandon and not likely salvageable. Horo feeling quite at home in the forest, scouts ahead quietly, comes across a camp, sees more goblins and reports back to the main group. They decided to split up, surround a portion of the camp that the goblins were located.

They ambush the site, dropping the majority of camp before they even knew what hit them. The camps response was also unexpected though, as two saber tooth tigers, pets of the bandit leader pounce out of a tent landing on Horo and Sminch. The bandit leader comes out of the tent and attacks Stubby.

Being severely outnumbered the bandit leader and his two pets fall victim to the constant onslaught of the militia ….


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